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Our Brand Aashray, has been very successful in expanding its product portfolio comprising of carefully chosen products sourced from within India as well as nations that are famous for the quality and taste of their product.

Aashray extended its customer portfolio to fifteen countries spanning over four continents, and sold in excess of 35,000 MT tonnes (accounted for sales of more than 10% of Nigeria’s entire sesame seed production) in the agri-commodity space.

Aashray, has an impressive clientele portfolio that includes satisfied customers from Algeria, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Greece, Germany, Lithuania, Lebanon, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, and Yemen.


The world’s production of sesame seeds is estimated to be 3 million tonnes. Almost 70% of the world’s crop is consumed in the producing countries, which leaves just 30% for global trade. India, China and Myanmar in Asia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Tanzania in Africa, as well as Guatemala and Mexico in Central America are the major producers and exporters of sesame seeds. China, Japan and Turkey are the major importers. The sesame crop in most African countries has been increasing steadily of late.

Aashray’s sesame seed business started in West Africa in 2005, with the first shipments travelling from Nigeria to Turkey. Growth through geographic expansion followed, as the company set up strong supplier operations in the countries of Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mali and Ethiopia.


Aashray plans to increase its presence in the value-added agri-commodity trade, and to expand its operations into Central America, with the eventual aim of becoming the world’s leading supplier of sesame seeds and Groundnut Kernels.